Prince Methodology


The Prince of Fitness’ groundbreaking program combines cutting-edge, rigorous and bespoke fitness regimens with mental-muscle building practices to help achieve success in every part of your life. When more people focus on their mental fitness, they are able to surpass their physical goals and otherwise. Mental muscle is the key to self-discipline, delayed gratification, perseverance, and overall peace and strength within and outside the body. Those are the skills you need to become the most powerful, and physically and mentally-healthy version of yourself. After all, your body won’t do what your mind doesn’t tell it.


By honing the power of your mind and harmonizing the peace that you feel spiritually, you can manifest your energy into matter and turn your dreams into a reality. What you focus upon and energize with your emotions you give life too. Through consistent mindful exercise, you will build more mental strength, increase brain function, lift your mood and have overall better health which will be mirrored internally and physically. The mind is a gym, mediation is a basic workout, and I am the trainer providing you with the manual of life so you can unleash your mind’s potential through meditation.


In my early years of life and during my career in professional football, fitness was always defined in a purely outer appearance and performance. This archaic way of thinking about fitness helped me reach my pinnacle of ultimate strength, everlasting stamina, and endurance. But on the inside, I was left feeling weak and unfulfilled.

It was then that I uncovered that fitness is broken down into three categories: the mind, the body, and the spirit. The physical body is affected by our emotions, our thoughts direct how we feel, and our energy level sways our mind and our thoughts. When you prioritize strengthening your spirituality and mind, you can unlock the power and true potential of your body. The ultimate athlete recognizes that their power is in their peace.


The third pillar of fitness is spiritual fitness. Through the practice of meditation, we can increase our awareness, focus, concentration, and inner tranquility. As we become more in tune and connected to our spiritual self, we become more attuned to who we are, and what we’re supposed to do in this life.

Once professional football was no longer a significant part of my life, it was difficult for my mind to break its routined habits. I didn’t know how to cope with this new stage, and I had an epiphany that I wasn’t the only one going through this, and that other people need help as well. It was through meditation that my spiritual being had a physical experience. When I was able to understand myself through interconnectedness, I could emphasize and communicate with people on a whole new level.

You, too, can gain clarity from the quietness. With peace comes power. To live a wholesome life, you have to first learn about yourself. In understanding yourself, you can learn about others because ultimately, we are all the same on the inside.

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