Prince Daniels Jr. Bio

About Prince Daniels, Jr.

Prince “P.J.” Daniels, Jr. is an author, motivational speaker, inspirational fitness trainer, and expert in the areas of fitness, meditation, and holistic health.

Prince is not your average former professional athlete turned author. He seeks to change the world one person at a time. His passion lies in teaching our youth mindfulness, increasing literacy, and empowering those around him with confidence, health and lifestyle changes.

A former professional athlete, Prince’s personal story is one of determination and commitment to excellence. He was a two-time all-conference tailback, the fourth-leading rusher in Georgia Tech football history, with 3,300 yards. A two-time Academic All-ACC selection, Daniels was selected for the 2006 Hula Bowl where he ran for a still existing NCAA bowl game record of 311 yards and 4 touchdowns. He was drafted by the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens in 2006 and his career ended as a result of injuries in 2009.

Having never imagined his life without football, he used meditation to focus and devise a new strategy for his future. Through dreams, the I’mAgine book series manifested and Prince began writing his first book entitled, “Danny Yukon and the Secrets of the Amazing Lamp” – the story of a young boy who overcomes the loss of his father with the help of his uncle who teaches him meditation.

Drawing from Prince’s own experiences, he aspires to encourage young people all over the world to practice mindfulness as a means for confronting their fears, pursuing their dreams, and enhancing their overall well-being. He is actively involved in community programs and schools to increase literacy and inspire the love of reading in our youth.  Through Prince’s mindfulness curriculum developed for schools and programs such as his “Ultimate Athlete Retreat” and “The Ultimate 21 Day Fitness Challenge”, Prince’s passion for change is palpable.

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