21 Day Challenge

Ultimate 21 Day
Fitness Challenge

The Ultimate 21 Day Fitness Challenge is a results-driven program
developed by The Prince of Fitness. As its name implies, the program is
rigorous but the physical, mental, and spiritual fortitude gained is
priceless. This cutting-edge program has helped numerous individuals of
varying walks of life to push themselves beyond their comfort zones to
realize and reach their full potential.

A combination of the mind and body principles taught by Prince Daniels,
Jr., this program is designed to help one to build new and healthy holistic
lifestyle habits through consistency and determination. While there is no
definitive scientific evidence to support the number of days that it takes
to form a pattern, a plethora of highly successful people claim that the
discipline to practice their skill daily is key to their success.

The 21 Day Fitness Challenge consists of over twenty five unique and
customized physical workouts to impact every muscle in your body while
challenging your mental and spiritual fortitude. As an additional, effort to
maintain an exceptional experience, the prince of Fitness team
intertwines every type of terrain ( ie. beaches, mountains, hills, trails) that
the beautiful city of San Diego has to offer.

Due to the intensity and time-sensitivity of this program, the Prince of
Fitness makes himself available around the clock to keep you motivated
and on task for maximum results.

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